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When I would pull the knob sometimes my headlights won't turn on and I would have to wiggle the blinker switch to get them to come on. Now they won't come on at all. The only thing that works is temporary high beams. ...
happens in all gears. was just in 4th, more drive more happens in all gears.
My 1998 ford ranger emergency break light in the dash stays on when you turn truck off and take key out and shuts off when I turn it on, thus draining my battery. Why is this happening, how can I fix it and should I b...
no start cranks and backfireing through intake I put new heads new gaskets put it at tdc number one. do you have to set all the cyliders at tdc
wont start with jump or push start thanks for any advice
could this be the linkage ...?
Oils clean, transmision fluids good, radiator coolant good.
these lights have never worked and i dont know what they are for
I already put 350$ part rebuilt my transmission stick shift and reverse light wont come on when i put in reverse nothing but it will go backwards but light wont come on have any idea? Im not going take transmission ou...
The egr valve is new and there are no holes in the exhaust what could it be??