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Ineed view of timing marks
the fuel reset is on where is it and how do you reset it
where is the computer located and how do I get it out?
How do i remove the fan clutch from this 95 ranger with a 3.0?
wont start after removing gas tank to fix hole in it
I put an new conditioning compressor on my 1995 ford ranger today. I hooked an air vacumn to get the low side pressure as low as it would go. I released the low side of the gauges and the low side went up indicating I...
wont change gears
Went to start pickup and it would not start, or turn over. Put a new key switch in, and cleaned battery cables, but that was not the problem. It was working great and with out warning it won't start.
Has been on and off for awhile would drive it to the store or work and get ready to leave and it will crank but won't start, have it towed to a garage and the dang thing will start. but this time my wife drove it home...
not working
is there a plug on the transmission on a 1995 ford ranger XLT,
Replace water pump, remove fan
How do you change the front parking lights?
brake peddle goes all way tt floor master cilender was low on fluid but can not find out where fluid is going