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I have fire to coil but it's not going through the coil. What could be wrong
I get a P0704 code, (clutch switch input malfunction), Where is this located on the Ranger?
I turn off by let the clush go but the power is till on like is swicht on?
Pull transmission
Had a garage to work on dome light switch in the left door and a tune up light was not blinking when we took the truck to them when we started it to come noticed light blinking ,the mechanic seems to be confused about...
its fireing, and has the right fuel presser,,,but will not start,,,,whats wrong
Rebuilding a engine and want to know if you can put a distributor on a distributorless engine
I can use first and second, but when I go back up to neutral to slide over to go into 3rd, the shifter will not move. I tried turning the truck and seeing if I could get it to slide back and forth in neutral, but it w...
there for a while it would crank if I stayed after it but even that doesn't. if i do it often enough it will activate my electric locks. I took starter and celenoid to auto parts store to have it tested. they tested f...
vehicle has 250,000 mls. runs well, one owner , oil change every 3,000 . main seal leaks a little oil and a/c has slow leak but great vehicle. the day the diagnostic code P0125 illuminated the check engine light it wa...