Every time the transmissi is put into a new gear it shifts hard and makes the car move. When driving the transmissi does not shift hard only when going from park, reverse and drive.

I think I put the battery in backwards, do the posts belong facing towards the engine or the fender? I took the old battery out several months ago and I just don't remember.

U only have to move it around alittle but its aggravating . it happens all the time

I am having trouble starting my 1991 ford mustang lx 4 cyl 3.2 l when it dose start it runs really ruff and when i put it in gear and press on the gas pedal it does not accelerate but acts like it is not getting gas ,backfires and dies and if i can get it to idle ... the hole car shakes i have had the fuel pump and filter changed , new spark plugs and wires . and new timing belt

My car sometimes smoke and it is using about a quart of fluid every 300 miles, which is about 5 days. It some times builds up after a 10 to 20 mile drive and I let up for a moment either for a stop light or a fast food drive through. Then a big cloud of smoke will appear then burn off.

I purchased a 91 mustang lx with 58xxx on it but it doesn't go in reverse when on a hill but moves slowly on a flat surface. Can you let me know what would be the possible problem?

no power, new coil pack, new fuel filter, tightened adj. on timing belt, no change , put in 4 new plugs and wires on driver side, now will not start.

Bought an LX but transmission is gone. What kind of transmission does a 2.3 motor automatic use?

just got the car,tryin to stop oil leak still leaking, pooling up bye dist.

Engine stalls after starting, won't idle