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My 08 4.0 v6 mustang shut down on highway just after engaging cruise control. It will not restart. The motor cranks, tries to start, then makes cough or backfire at throttle body.
I recently bought a 08 mustang gt. The hot weather in AZ killed the battery, after replacing the battery the aftermarket security system that was installed by the previous owner tripped. Now when ever i turn on my car...
clicking noise every time you start the car, not coming from the starter but from the middle of the dashboard
Ford Dealership claime it was my tires. I purchased new ones. Then they said I needed an alignement so I had one done. Then they replaced my two rear axles but the noise of a thump thump can be heard from the rear.
the fuel pump of my car keeps shutting off and my car turns off the car cranks like it wants to start it has happened 3 times in two days but the car turns back on after 15 to 20 mins after being shut off. ccould thi...