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When I push the button to turn off TCS nothing happens. I suppose the switch is bad. is there a way to just disable it completely without using a tuner. I don't want the crap at all, its dangerous.
light goes out that lights up milage on dash and turn signal sometimes flashes on dash and sometimes not? Fuses have been checked already and are okay? what else could this be?
Why does my 2000 Mustang smell like gas inside when I accelerate ?
At first it started off with my driver's side window not being able to go down. Then my radio began going off when i would hit the occasional bump in the road. then i realized that when my radio doesnt work than neith...
I just bought a used 2000 Mustang. I gives off a raw fuel smell sometimes.No visible leaks.What could be the problem?
just bought 2000 mustang. the horn dosen't work I checked fuses are ok.
gear shift tight hard to shift gears a little off on gear shift like almost between gears after u drive a little while