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how do you replace the rubber grommet thats on the fuel filler neck and goes onto the fuel tank
died at stop light sitting still. The fuel pump is priming I can hear it. Car does not fire just clicks as when battery is dead, replaced battery still have same issue, have plenty of electrical juice regardless of st...
Why would air be blowing only through the defrost vents of my 2000 Mustang? Easy fix?
obd2 scan comes up with PO171 system adaptive fuel too lean(bank1) and PO system adaptive fuel too lean(bank2). what do they mean?
Why does my 2000 Mustang smell like gas inside when I accelerate ?
At first it started off with my driver's side window not being able to go down. Then my radio began going off when i would hit the occasional bump in the road. then i realized that when my radio doesnt work than neith...
I just bought a used 2000 Mustang. I gives off a raw fuel smell sometimes.No visible leaks.What could be the problem?
The gear shift will not go out of park??? Could it just be the shifter or the transmission??
just bought 2000 mustang. the horn dosen't work I checked fuses are ok.
gear shift tight hard to shift gears a little off on gear shift like almost between gears after u drive a little while
About 2 weeks after I just filled the tank with gas, I drove the car home then decided to go out again, the car would not start. It turns over strong and I hear the fuel pump running and smell gas, nothing else. If I ...
Why does my A/C only blow through my defrost no matter what setting its on? it blows hot and cold but only through t he defrost.
the motor isn't dead but window won't go up or down, took off door panel, regulator looks good. I read that there is a motor gear box with plastic gear caps that disintegrate with time. which part is the gear box? I n...
motor lost power while running,it backfires, I can see hight voltage spikes arching to ground, This same condition happened a year ago and I replace spark plugs cables,is this a normal situation or is there something ...
My mustang keeps overheating,I've changed the water pump.