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How much would it cost to get the motor replaced in my passanger side window?
I have an oil leak that may be the seal on the bottom of the car. Looking for the best prices.
I started to drive my car and it started shaking and acted like it was going to cut off,no matter how much I pressed the gas,then the check engine light came on.
my car-2000 Mustang- fuel pump went out so we had that replaced and were told the computer is dead nothing can be read so they want to put a new(used) one in . How does the computer for a car all of a sudden die? Ho...
Air conditioning compressor is making loud noise only when car is first started but then goes away, is this cause to replace the air conditioning compressor immediately, have been operating this car since August 2010 ...
very loud exhaust and fumes
the defrost and floor work fine but when i swith to vent it goes to defrost
air will switch from defrost to the floor but when i switch it to the vent positon it goes to the defrost position
light goes out that lights up milage on dash and turn signal sometimes flashes on dash and sometimes not? Fuses have been checked already and are okay? what else could this be?
I had the fuel pump and the gas filter replace but i keep smelling gas it also back fires andlose pressure every other day
was wondering if anyone knew where this is on the motor
car starts sometime and wont start other times.engine turns over but wont start.started today took kid to school and back runs fine.code reader shiwed no codes. car has 39000 miles and orinignal fuel and air filter.
In changing an alternator on a 2000 ford mustang, the belt has alot of slack in it and I have not touched tensioner. Thought maybe it was routed wrong but it isn't....I need help been at this for almost 3 hours. How d...
The rear diferential is noisy, one can move the tires in & out & ther is quite a bit of play with the noise.
when i start my car up i smell fumes