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Happens occasionally but loose brakes & power steering. Never completely dies &after a minute or so runs totally fine. No codes are kicked out
Already changed the gas cap. Where is the evap canister located?
Has new tranny and rear axle instaled I belive its a sensor or something to do with the drivetrain.
I a sure it needs an oil change and tune-up but car seems to vibrate strong. Just purchased the car unsure of how strong or weak in vibration the car should be.
I cant find the location of the fuelpump relay switch.
Car leaks gas only when I put gas in the tank; doesn't matter how much gas. I looked under the car and I think it is the filler line but I'm not sure.
I used techron concentrate for 2 tank fulls and went from 18mpg to 19mpg and then 20mpg. Had a BG induction clean and went back to 18mpg. 150000 on my 3.8L Mustang. Used convenience store gasoline. Plugs wires, etc. a...
has large and small evap emissions codes in computer
Engine started making noises like a large ball bearing in a tin can, I stopped. Steam pouring out the passenger side of the car (outside), opened hood, radiator was 1/2 cup low, reserve 1/2 full. Little bubbles were...
it gets loader the faster you go,changed rear end,rotores,and brake pads
(Just had tires rotated and oil changed.
What does the eng. synchronizer do.also does it require a special tool 2 remove & install it? does installing it require lining up certain timing marks??
is there a printable guide to assist me to correctly and safely changing out my front in struts
They told me it's the exhaust or manifold
one was replaced behind l/h motor mount, the other was replaced behind the starter. they charged $1325 to do this and replace the intake gaskets. was i overcharged?