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it runs but need to change it do not think it has ever been looked at
fuel pump might be out, but want to check fuses and filters
does anyone know were the vacume line goe's from the evac system, but theres 2 hoes's that run off the evac pump an one that runs around the fron by the rad. I was wondering were that hoe's might possibly go?
i smelled rubber burning while driving even though i set emergency brake in off position. is that common. should i have left the brake engaged
Doesn't hold straight line
My mustang would not start, replaced the battery, starter, etc. Unhooked the radio, checked fuses and filters. Several mechanics later still cannot find the problem. If the vehicle is started daily no prob, if not ...
I ready try a air mass sensor, idle control valve and check egr also check compressiton its all good also check injectors and spraying really good
Now my mustang has 158,000 miles on it and I was wondering what I would have to do to keep it going for as long as it can. Can I just buy a new motor or what?
a/c does not work with the switch and the vent doesn't work either. If i bypass the switch i'm able to get the a/c to work. is it only the switch or is there something else?
The a/c blows out the defrost and heater vents
95 mustang isnt firing out of two prongs on coil 3.8
My electric fan is not working,i have changed the fan ,the ccrm module or the little box box, the temp sending unit...is there another relay i'm missing and if so whats the location?
i can put 20 dollers n my gas tank n it will barly eve put the gas hand to a quter of a tank?? people tell me its my egr valve but is it or not??