2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Questions

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What could be wrong with it

Went to start my car this morning and it doesn't. It clicks in sets of two clicks and the interior lights dimly flash matching time with the clicks. It does this again and again while the key is still in the ignition.

After I start the car and drive A few yards the red pull over safely starts flashing and then the car cuts off. What do we need to do to fix this?

Drivers side works perfectly fine. Passenger side not working. Blowers working fine.

May also be noted as Evap Switching Valve. Code indicates it is open. Would like to check wiring connection or replace valve if needed. Was intermittent code, now solid.

Any recalls on this problem , like w/ the Taurus? This was fixed by my independent paint shop as they had too take care of rust around the rear tail light assembly, ford refused to fix it.

Need to Locate O2 sensor. Check Engine Light comes and goes Advance Auto got the code to replace the O2 sensor and Purge Valve

This morning, the car heated up normally but then I noticed that it never started switching into EV mode when I was in traffic or stopped at a light. Also noticed that the engine kept running even though the hybrid battery was fully charged. Tried turning it off and restarting, but the problem seems to persist.

fuel vapor-containment valve stuck open, how to repair or replace it


My hybrid's heater stopped working during the coldest month. When the car was checked by the dealer, they found a "hole in the radiator caused by a rock", which is not covered by warranty and the battery was "going bad", which was covered by warranty. The battery problem was "probably due to the cold weather". I park in an enclosed garage every day and night, so would that really be the problem in southern, coastal Mississippi? Also, can you tell the leak is caused by a rock (conveniently not covered by the warranty)? The leak was small enough that smoke was used to find it. No warning lights came on, no leakage noted in my garage. Anyone have ideas as to the validity of their excuses?

Problem: Rear of interior does not have good air flow. On the passenger side, no heat/ac distribution for the back seat. Cold air flows along the right end of the seat, but no heat. The driver's side gets a good flow of heat from under the driver's side. Same problem in the summer only worse, the only way to provide cold air to the rear passengers is to turn up the fan full blast and point the front air ducts to the back.

A compression test was done and no leaks were found through the doors.

We do enable the interior air flow button, which has to be done manually.

I bought a 2010 Fusion Hybrid in Jan 2010. For ten months, I got in excess of 41 mpg city and highway driving. The long term was 41.5 mpg. Since December 2010, I have been averaging 36 mpg, with the long term dropping to 39.1 mpg. I have not changed fuel sources, driving commutes for habits. Also, when I depress the brake pedal, the regenerative braking display does not display until I have driven approx 10 miles. (I have not experienced the loss of brake feel as noted in recalls, and the Purvis Ford, Fred., Va says my vehicle was not affected by the recall).