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Try to crank my car all lights blinked the odometer numbers changed to ************* then would not do anything. Horn sound sick lights worked Cleaned battery cables. Battery is five yrs old. Tried jumping still would...
When stopped at a light, I have to increase pressure on brake pedal to keep it from moving. Usually while trying to park in a space in a parking lot, it does the same thing in reverse as in drive. Getting very scary....
AC is blowing hot air when car is not moving in hot weather (above 90). However, AC is blowing cold air when driving (especially above 60 miles/hour). When temperature is below 90, the AC is blowing cold air, even whe...
Is there a fuse for speakers? The sterio is working fine. Just no speaker sound, not even static
light will not go out and interior light stays on
I had the AC off while I was driving and all of a sudden it came on and started blowing on high. I tried to turn it off but that only switched it to the defroster. I also tried to turn down the fan and it made it turn...
it would try to take off when stopped at a light or stop sign.
the suspension feels fine at speed. road reflectors and other objects can be really felt like on a rough highway
The engine mount is cracked, broken. It is possibly called the "dog bone" nt.
Did you every find out what the problem was I have the exact same problem and there telling me it is my strut.
Part#6F97-9A299-A & 6F97-9275-A no diagnosis code given. Had 2 problems Wrench and passenger air bag came on first then went off. Then Engine pic came on and stayed. Got book out of glove comp. to see what pics were a...
I have recently replaced the brakes and tires. The car is serviced every 5000 miles. The only problem I am aware of is the sway bar is rattling.
cools good when on highway but not when in town at lower speeds