When I first bought it a few months ago I would hav to jiggle it then it would turn but now it won't do anything

If I have 1 tire from one brand and 3 from another, as long as they're the same size, will that affect my gas mileage negatively?

Is there anything I can do during my daily driving to prevent the car from going out of alignment?

My car intermittently cuts off the audio, even when nothing is playing. What I mean by this is that a popping sound happens, and then after that, the stereo won't make any noise until I turn the car off and then back on again.

The panel under the engine compartment is falling apart. Do I need to replace it or can I just leave it off?

The driver's side tire has outer wear, but passenger side has no unusual wear.

Repair shops (2) can't find any leaks.

Everything lights up when you turn the key on but when you turn it to run it dose not start. Ther is no click no groan no all most just silance. What could it be?

just put on snow tires with rims without tire pressure moniters

The radio does not turn off when the driver's door is opened, but does if the passenger door is opened. Also, there is no driver door open indicator on the IP display when the door is opened, but is with other doors. Occurs always for the past month. Don't recall anything that might have triggered the start of this problem.

What can I do to fix it?

received a fualt light on car on the way home stopped at dealer and that is what he recommended. Could it just be the pump?

My abs and engine light are on, and speedo, cruise control, trip control aren' t working. Can i disable abs module without losing speedo, cruise control, trip control ? I don't mind losing abs.

the vehicle had a crash in the front nearside which damaged the lower wishbone and track rod end. the damaged was replaced and I have had the tracking set up. this did not cure the light on the dashboard. the company recommended that I needed to reset the steering angle censor. I cannot find any fault codes within the ecu. the vehicle drives straight and true.i have replaced the abs censor on the side that sustained the damage. hope u can help.