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For a couple of months now my 01 Ford Focus has had a very rough idle coming from a cold start, sometimes it has a hard time turning over to turn the car on. After about 10 to 20 minutes of driving in the city or on t...
Have replaced the idle air control valve twoce with only tempory relief. Also cleaned throttle body giving temp relief. No engine light ever comes on. What signales the throtle body to increase rpm at idle position &...
the only thing i have not replaced is the fuel regulater and the main computer system
i just had the valve gasket cover replaced along with the plugs and wires. that very same day i started having trouble accelerating up hills no matter how much gas i give the car just creeps along
My compressor is broken on my 2001 Ford Focus which has 90,000 miles. I was quoted $1200 to replace compressor. Should I replace or trade cars? Thanks
I drive my car seldom [twice a week]. All city driving, maybe 25 miles a week. I use synthetic oil.
Whatis the average labor cost to replace racketpinoin?
My daughter has a 2001 Ford Focus and the ac went out. We took it to the ford place here in somerset, Ky and they stated that the compressor, dryer and reciever must be replaced and quoted me a price of $900.00. I c...
(!) light flashes when slowing down then engine shuts off starts right back up. Just started to day. Fluids are fine and engine is not hot. only drove it about 5 miles. It did this 6 times. any insight?
when starting the cold engine a small vivration can be felt in the steering wheel & other places. When the transmission shifts into 3rd or 4th geer at 30 to 35 mph the vibration is quite pronounced. After 5 to 10 mile...
Every time I drive for ten min orr less the car just shut off I even change the gas pump
need to know how to replace a front end passanger strut. Old one bad.
when turning the wheel to one side
I purchased my daughter a 2001 Ford Focus. The problem is that both doors are locked. If they remain unlocked my daughter can open the car normal. However, if she locks both doors, she can't get back in, not even wi...