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i have a focus station wagon the rear hatch doesnt work with remote or button also cruise control doesnt work is there a fuse and if so where and what # is it thanks
also it only blows thru defroster
they are charging me $900 to replace the starter and fix coolant leak.
I'm online trying to find an exhaust for my 2000 focus lx doing so i can't find 1 and zx3/zx5 model exhaust's keep popping up are they compatible
it starts fine idles rough and accelerates fine until it reaches about 40 mph then spits and sputters and ocassionaly shuts off
I bought a car andf only got an ignition key with it. It does not open the doors. Is that because there is a second key to open the doors is it it a programming issue with the car? I have a fab but I want to be able t...
Ac will come on when its on 1,2,3 but no air blowing out. When I turn it to 4, ac kicks off and blower only works on 4(high) Zip code is 40071
i changed fuse #64, but it still doesn't work. the rear defrost works, and nothing else.
Then replaced relay and fuse still no power to switch
My car also sounds rough and rides rough when I first drive it. But after awhile i drives ok and sounds fine. This happens when it has been sitting for awhile like overnight and when I get off from work.
before it used to shutter and lose power when driving, even goin straight, no hills. even worse going up hills. now has progressed to sarting and just dieing. has new timing belt, spark plugs and wires. newer fuel pum...
The lights are out for right half of the directional vent dial and all the interior fan dial, as well as the light that indicates the cruise control is on. What do I need to replace?