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when put on diagnostic nothing comes up. have changed fuel filter,fuel pump after about 5 to 10mins it will start back up. happens about two to three times a week.
Engine won't crank. has new battery and starter.
It blows on high. So none of my functions are working except the temp control will adjust slightly
This occurs all of the time; I've parked it as it seems unsafe to drive. 150K on the vehicle; about 53K on this engine. Installed used tranny 9 months ago. Had a service performed on the AWD 3 years ago.
When I press down on the parking brake it just springs back. I don't hear a ratchet sound as I depress it.
Cool air comes out driver vents, not so cool air on passenger side
Since I replaced he battery every so often all the info lights up, light brake light air bag, light, and showing speed.
I had a flat tire on rr change it and put on mini spare, next day went and put new tire on car now when I reach 55-65 miles and hour all lights on dash come on, read says check brake system and the speedo goes to zero...