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the radio would come on and off by itself, ever since the buttons were pushed very fast. The vehicle shut off after these lights came on.
Turned car off and saw smoke coming out of passenger side mirror. Now the power window, dome light and radio does not work. Any suggestions on a fix or estimated cost.
EVERYTIME I hit a bump in the road, both front and back dome lights come on. I have to pull off the side of the road, open and shut my drivers side door to make the lights go off.
This problem has gotten progressively worse. don't know where to check tranny fluid
I've opened and closed all doors and trunk but the alarm keeps going off. It seems to happen when I'm going over bumps. Then the interior lights just go on once in a while. They don't always go out when I park the ...
ac compressor kicks on but does not cycle properly never shuts off till I turn it off from inside by turning off switch.
New a/c system 2 years ago and this car has never really blown cold before or after the new system installed. Can't figure it out. Low side pressure is 50 psi and steady at 90 degrees ambient temp. cleaned the radiato...
High side 150 at idle and low side 75
Battery light flashes, changed the battery and alternator already
Don't have more detail. Just the check light code and the part needing replacement.
the light has been on for several months, if I do a controlled spin of the tires on ice or gravel the light will blink. The diagnostic test my mechanic did gave no definite problem location but during a vehicle inspec...