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I'm the original owner and at 91k I had my Alternator fixed, now my throttle I being fixed, should I get my drive train computer updated?
I am a tech and have a 2005 ford five hundred at the shop with a brake pedal to the floor the first initial push of the pedal and then second push is regular braking. This happens every time you go to stop. I inspecte...
When i add gas the engine light goes out
Tail light bulb seems to go in and out while driving but the bulb is still lit and has been happening for the past month. What should I do???
the tires i put on the front are 215/55/17 and the back has 215/65/17 would that make it do it
before it will start and when i put it to drive the engine will off and give me a sound but now it start and off immediately. pls what do i do?
My dash lights and headlights surge or flicker when driving down the road. Started flickering fast tonight.and then heard weird noise and acted like it was losing power. The dash lights and headlights have been doing...
I need to upgrade the PCM and the TCM on a 05 ford 500
it gets worst went is warmer. and it shifs harsh
The throttle body assembly has been replaced and the wrench light is still on and car still stalls and won't move forward.