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Software enhancements are available to remedy inconsistency and confusion about the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning cycle - “Regeneration” mode. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) will need to be reprogramme...
Used 4wheel drive very seldom. Used once, stopped vehicle, restarted vehicle, 4 wh
at what mileage should catalitic converter be changed?
After replacing the fuel pump , fuel filter , fuel rail pressure sensor I am still getting the pressure sensor code . The truck seems to be starving for fuel . What can I do to fix this problem? This is on a v-10 engine.
"I have an 08 mason dump with a 10 cylinder gas engine. It won't start . Battery seems ok, Lights don't dim. I put the body up and down. When I turn the key it doesn't crank over at all, I haven't started the truck i...
p0410 code
I have replaced twice and cannot get it to stay on. What can I do to get it to stay on.
I wanted to know if there was a recall on the cruise control? This has happened two times it just randomly turns on the gas peddle drops to the floor you can't stop. You need to put in neutral and turn of.
After it blows smoke for a minute,it runs great. It also does NOT do this if I have the block heater plugged in. Can anyone tell me what my problem is?
We drove fron San Angelo, TX NOV 26, to Fayetteville , AR for thanksgiving we just got into town and the temp drop out of the heated air coming out. It took about 20 min and I turn down the street my Aunt lives on and...
What could cause this and how would I fix this problem ?
headlight work nothing on dash works when key is on
There are 2 clips fer pad. It seems that when I put the pads back into place I will have to bend the clip in order to install the pad. Is this correct
i just got this about 1 month ago seams that it smokes more often. not sure if its do to the weather also loosing fuel comsoption. the knockin from the engine getting little louder also. someone told me the injectors ...