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I have no tail lights, fender lights or tag lights. all cab lights, turn lights back up lights and head lights work. I can not find what fuse to check in the owners manual they don't list a fuse for tail lights. I hav...
my truck is throwing alot of black and white smoke from exoust and when step on gas peddle rumbles and has no power what can it be this happend to me once but went awy and now problem is back
What is the labor hours to replace 8 injectors on a Turbo Diesel
Lost power uphill then shut down
it will run good for a few miles ,ill make a full stop at light i try to go and it starts choking and big cloud of black smoke
When i plug in an extension cord to block heater it trips the gfci outlet. any ideas?
before starting a new engine how do I get oil pressure up? engine builder says do not use starter crank engine to build pressure.
TBC Deafault , read out across the dash board
I was looking for a book with some good diagrams and explanations on my 6.0L V8 Turbo Diesel engine in my 06' Ford Super Duty, does anyone have any recommendations?
I was wondering if there was a way to drain the water out of the fuel filter without changing the filter itself? Also will it help if the idle is a little rough, and is there a injector cleaner that works well with t...
A light on the dash board keeps popping up saying there is water in fuel. I put 2 bottles of Iso-heet in the tank and it still says water in fuel. Is there some type of cap or plug on the bottom of the gas tank where ...
Is it a big job or a do it yourself?
problem is that speedomitor stops working or tells wrong speed fast or slow.
With out warning my truck overheated yesterday when we stopped to put water in it it was empty, after filling it it wouldnt start after jumping it it finally started then it just started blowing white smoke as long as...
bought truck 26 days ago. noticed had no power and blowing tons of black smoke when you put your foot in it. dealer replaced a part in turbo, egr valve and ypipe connection. drove off lot and still blowing tons of bla...