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Is the spark plug blow out problem only with the 20V V10 (2004 or earlier) or is it also aplicable to txhe 30V V10 (2005 and up)
Do I have to remove the entire back window frame
It went from smooth as silk to slow accelerion then clear up to heavy white smoke and not wanting to idle in 2 weeks.It knocks and idles hard on start up now. Would a egr cause these issues? Does it sound like hpop? ...
I have running lights and backup lights to the trailer. Can't get any power to the signal lights and brake lights. I have checked all fuses and wiring and can't find the problem. I have been pulling my fifth wheel tra...
Seems this problem gets worse as the day gets warmer. Sometimes when pulling off it sputters hard, heavy black smoke pours out the pipe. It will clear up after a few seconds and runs great for the most part. It does s...
Repair does not cover many repairs.
2005 f350 bought new by me in 05 now has just turned 60,000 miles. I installed egr delete, 5" exhaust from turbo back,blue spring upgrade ,and cooler bypass filtration,I run full synthetic oil and stanadyne fuel addit...
driving, otherwise the engine runs nice & smooth, what can I do here in Germany? no one here is able to find a solution
What Ford recalls have been issued on this model
The local auto parts store said it could be the interruptor commutateur switch. I bought the switch, but I dont know where the switch is located on my 2005 ford f350 6.0 diesel
Is F-350 a good buy? I been reading about problems with EGR valve other than that what do you guys think about this Truck
would not start back. i opened the fuel filter resevoir and the pump is pushing fuel to that point its like the injectors are not spraying but i replaced all of them 6 months ago it has ran great until now.