why does my air conditioning only blow out of the defroster

I have power steering when I'm accelerating, but asoons as i let off the accelerator, i have no power steering and the brake pedal goes to the floor. It stops but barely.

How can I open left rear door. Tried everything, nothing works. Any suggestions?

So I have an 05 Ford F 350 once I got my truck started runs like a champ but getting it started is the problem I have changed the fuel sensor, fuel filter, & fuel mod..
The only reason I'm throwing money into it because I cannot find to where to do a fuel pressure test at no places are on the fuel rods I have looked on both driver and passenger side fuel rods and there is no sign of a connection spot

no power and stalls out when driving

It started one day when I was on the interstate doing about 75 and it started right back up and didn't do it again until a few days later once again I was on the interstate again I was doing about 75 so I thought it was a problem when I go over 70 but know it have gotten worse it seems like if I drive it and don't push on the gas so the rpm don't go over 2 grand it won't kill I had the codes read at auto parts store and it said I had a bad crank and cam sensor so I changed my fuel filter and both sensors still have the problem any suggestions

i have been threw everyhing on the top of the motor repaired or replaced. the truck will pop if u spray wd in intake but i do not see the turbo spinning or am i getting any smoke while trying to start the truck like i use too any sugs.would be great thanks

I have a f350 V10 and after you drive it for alittle bit and the truck heats up and it starts to bog. catalytic converters were just replaced so was the whole exhaust system. All sensors were replaced too. Fuel pump is relatively new and new engine was put in this past winter. When you scan it no codes come up. Electrical was just redone also.

Truck will not take gas just idals

Is the spark plug blow out problem only with the 20V V10 (2004 or earlier) or is it also aplicable to txhe 30V V10 (2005 and up)

Do I have to remove the entire back window frame