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Max pickup from 60-70 k on flat and uphill max 50 down to 20, no sputtering. One time downhill engine failure at 40-50 k engine light came on. No stalls since. EGR was removed and cleaned and reinstalled. Some blue sm...
All fuses are good! I replaced the flasher relay! I replaced the turn signal switch! When the brake is applied the turn signal light on dash comes on but only the front turn signal lights come on ! All light bulbs ar...
it goes top speed of 70 mph at 2100 rpm and it looses power going up small inclines
how do i reset ,no codes or pending ,but only 3 of 5 reset. drove it 220 miles
batterys are fully charged ther is juice to the starter but no juice to inside of truck
I am installing a new hydroboost system an it requires me to disable the ignition system and still crank the engine. I would normally disconnect the battery cables to do this but it wont crank without power. Any sug...
I put the gas pump the filter new it sounds like It's going to start but it doesn't I take off the filter by the driver side and get aid out put it back on and wants to start but won't
Stering wheel vibrating due to engine running lousy at idle. It goes when i step on it. When i let off lousy again. joe
little red car with doors open in center of dash display
engine doesn't turn over....glo plugs dont work heater and lights work
engine preheaters wont work.. dash cluster wont work the heater works
Truck won't downshift into low range or up shift into high range. Tow/Haul switch is flashing on and off
replaced the sending unit in fuel tank, replaced the fuel pump,