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service engine soon light need to plug in code scanner don't see plug
recently replaced hi-presr fuel sensor..and cam sensr...still wont run..not getting juice to pcm...?
est. MPG CITY driving ? if towing ?? est. MPG HIGHWAY driving ?? if towing ??
Right turn signal is normal, flasher switch also acts normally.
It's a 5.4 gasoline motor the seal does leak under normal conditions
I experienc hard braking and shaking steering wheel when applying the brakes.
I replaced the turbo 7,000 miles ago and I was wondering if these had any known oiling problems because the new turbo is now making noise and leaking oil out the exhaust again. I am savvy to mechanics and do all my ow...
02' F350 7.3L turbo is getting hot even without a load. Ihad a superchip programmer on it but returned it to stock and it is still getting up to almost 1200 degrees. I have had a load behind it and it got hot enough f...
Started out when I turned key on had a bunch of blinking lights on dash and the relays in fuse box were clicking like crazy I cleaned battery cables and put new batteries in and started rite up thought proublem was fi...
Blow a fuse couple days ago replaced no problem . Started fine this morning drove fine parked it . Went to start have no throttle power or gages. I have checked all fuses all fine . But stranded on job site .
Replacement on fuel pressure regulator installation & location on motor. 7.3 super duty
the problem started with a noise every time the pedel is pressed
i have a 2002 f-350 super duty disel and it ran out of disel i put disel in it now it would not start tell wat to do so it start i open the bowl turn the key on and it have alot of suge in the bowl