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the pump sets behind the cab. solenoid, one line in and one out with a little plastic red box coming in front of return line I believe, does any one know if that is valve to realese box to come down?
Truck shudders and loses power between 30 & 55 mpg. Abs light comes on intermittently, tachometer & speedometer jump around erratically when abs light is on. I have changed the fuel pump & plugs.
I was getting around 500 miles to a 38 gallon tank will normal city and highway driving until 2 weeks ago.My last 2 tanks of diesel I'm now avg. around 400 to a tank. what could be the problem.
do ypu have to remove the front axles to replace the ball joints both upper and lower
Front differential just quit working. No illumination on the dash, nothing out of the ordinary happening just won't work. Any ideas as why is quit working?
Steering seams to hang up after I make a sharp turn left or right. When I return truck to going straight it feels like the steering wants to track left or right. Front is tight and have replaced hubs, upper & lowers, ...