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Ive added 3 to 4 gallons of oil every three days and its gone with no smoke no leaks just oil burning faster than any truck ive ever seen. When the oils filled back in the truck to its recommed level in less than 3 da...
When I am going 45 to 55 a rumble can be heard in front of truck and will end when tranny shifts. Truck will shake for a short distance. Also the check engine light will flicker on then go out
how to change the water
Trying to replace the pinion seal and can't pull the yoke. I've broken a 2-jaw puller to get it loose but it will not budge.
with new frontend parts installed the trucks front end is acting erracticley-new tires are squelling.the new parts are Moog brand.had put on Partsmasters at first but when put in drive front end tires bowed out-steeri...
do ypu have to remove the front axles to replace the ball joints both upper and lower
I have a 2 wheel drive f-450. The dealer told me in order to replace the high presure oil pump he has to remove the engine to get the pan off is that true?
Front differential just quit working. No illumination on the dash, nothing out of the ordinary happening just won't work. Any ideas as why is quit working?
Steering seams to hang up after I make a sharp turn left or right. When I return truck to going straight it feels like the steering wants to track left or right. Front is tight and have replaced hubs, upper & lowers, ...
Truck experienced a lost of power during normal operation and then stalled. Attempts to restart was successful but the idle was running rough and there was not enough power to drive off. Fuel was checked - negative re...
How to change the middle yoke bearing on driveshaft of a 2001 Ford F350 Quad Cab dually long wheel base.
Found o ring at back of block, passenger side, fuel line deteriorated and wanting to know should I replace all glow plugs and injectors while I'm in the shop? 110,000 miles. About how much $ should I look to shell out?
(90K miles on engine) My automatic transmission is not shifting when it should. It runs the RPMs very high before it shifts, and then sometimes clanks/jerks pretty good as it shifts. Adding trans fluids sometimes mak...