2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

Answered 2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty Questions

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When the light comes on the truck looses power. Then the light goes off and the truck runs good then light comes back on and the engine runs rough again. We checked the oil we replaced the cam sensor and replaced the ...
truck pulls left even without braking. pulls worse when applying brakes tire were switched and alignment & parts are OK
My remote controls for the power locks stopped working. This problem started after the vehicle was stolen. They removed the driver door lock and the ignition was also removed and the batteries were dead when it was re...
I have been told by a mechanic that hooked up his tester under the dashboard that 2 injecters are not working. How can I determine which two are the bad ones?
all the codes comeup as the tps is bad changed it out for a new one, samething, same code, reset the pcm still the samething im at a lost here??? It idles just fine, does move but to go 25miles at idle does take awhile
Clutch pedal hesitates about half way back to normal position, then sometimes returns fully, and sometimes almost doesn't return. An intermittent problem.
Oil getting in radiator water. Thinking I may need head gaskets.
280k miles. I can drive about 40 miles then will hardly run. After shutting it off & restarting it runs okay again.
the reset fuel switch on my f350 is located where
the reset fuel switch on my f350 is located where
seen like my fuel switch is not on there is no fuel being pumped could the fuel switch be off and if so how do i turn it back on or reset it and where is it located
new starter, new batteries, no blown fuses, maybe unrelated but radio quit working. truck won't start. cranks over good. can hear fuel pump working