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Once the smoke finally blows out it will run fine. Until I stop again and take off. ?!? It is a 6.0 power stroke
all light\s -air -etc work just no dash lights & when I stop At Stop sign it pulls away in 2nd gear!!!
Truck bucks 1-2 times prior (like running out of Fuel). Then stalls. replaced Fuel filters no luck Replaces fuel pump no luck dropped tank to check pickup and see condition of tank all clean any ideas?
Plugs are fairly new, fuel pump and filter are new.
I get smells from outside in my car with a/c on and windows up. The recirc botton is selected. The mechanic has bolted shut the valve in the blower but still outside air and smell comes in. Is there any place else tha...
i bought a use 2005 f250 5.4l gas motor, didn't notice ticking noise from motor but when in quiet area you can hear A slight ticking noise coming from it. i do know the whole exhaust from motor to rear needs to be rep...
have replaced down stream sensor on bank 2 still have code also hesitates when accelerating at low rpm when cold stops soon after warm up
But then for no reason it cuts out and wont run but 10 mph blows out white smoke mostly, i pull over and restart then it runs fine for the next 10 miles or 100 i never know for sure
The noise is a loud squeal and when letting off the accelerator it stops but starts up when accelerator is pressed again but when on level ground no squeal can someone help
Trucks been sitting up a couple months