2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

Answered 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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When looking for the fuse panel I found a button under the glove box that says fuel reset. I'm very curious as to what would happen if I pushed it.
i bought this truck used at 90000 mi on it last year. about a month or two of owning it the parking brake rusted off or somthing and fell between caliper causing it to bust. i drove it home with no brakes from there. ...
When trying to shift out of park, many times it won't let me. If I wait and/or press the brake a few times it will go in smoothly. Feels like the shifter is in lock position. Problem is getting to happen more often.
black exhaust and jerks and lose power I throttle it to the floor it takes off will do it all day ford put a new turbo on and cleaned EGR valve when it was under warranty. did not fix it can you help
This code keeps popping up.
I also seen black water leaking from my muffler
problem gets worse when accellerating
Truck stays plugged up on cold days it starts fine but has no power even when engine temp has got to running temp like trans is slipping but on warmer days it run perfectly fine no problems at all any ideas???