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about 1 week ago, i ran out of gas, truck stauled , when put gas in truck was driving funny took to shop and said #5 cylinder went and that coil and spark plug needs to be changed
when engine idling oil circulate when driving oil fail change oil pump same thing
When it sits over night i have to jump it off. the batteries are at 11.5 volts.
Had a dead battery yesterday,so I changed out the battery. The truck ran o.k all day, but felt like it was slipping a couple of times. This morning, I went to leave in it and it did not make down the street. It was ru...
Leaking a small amount of oil, appears to be coming from the drivers side rear of the motor.
I just bought the truck 2 months age. everything was fine. But now the heater/defroster works occasionally, if not at all? answers please
just happend truck was running fine
I plan on taking a road trip from Montebello, CA to Visalia, California and back. I'm trying to find out how much it will cost in fuel round trip?
automatic headlights stay on key out
light on dash shows 4x4 and low range when I switch it on but the front wheels do not engage. Have tried several times in the past month but always the same
where is the hvac vacuum pump and how is it replaced?
Ford said I have coolant in the cylinders and it would cost over 2200 to repair. It wouldn't start I had to jump it. Then it blew white smoke for a minute or so then stopped. I'm just out of warranty and a female. Im ...
shows code 506 for idle air control valve but this engine doesnt have one.
Stopped at a stop sign. Then tried to proceed. When I pressed on the gas peddle the engine would not rev-up. It just kept idling.Then the little wrench light came on. Finally I restarted the engine and the light went ...
what is the best replacement plug