all light\s -air -etc work just no dash lights & when I stop At Stop sign it pulls away in 2nd gear!!!

Truck bucks 1-2 times prior (like running out of Fuel).
Then stalls. replaced Fuel filters no luck
Replaces fuel pump no luck
dropped tank to check pickup and see condition of tank all clean
any ideas?

Plugs are fairly new, fuel pump and filter are new.

When looking for the fuse panel I found a button under the glove box that says fuel reset. I'm very curious as to what would happen if I pushed it.

i bought this truck used at 90000 mi on it last year. about a month or two of owning it the parking brake rusted off or somthing and fell between caliper causing it to bust. i drove it home with no brakes from there. i replaced caliper but just did away with parking brake. now a year later my caliper i just replaced locked up again. being under waranty i replaced it. a week or two after replacing it then the same caliper is locking up again. what is causing this? i dont want to waste my time again replacing it and brakes and it happen again. lol so i was wondering if you could help. thanks

I get smells from outside in my car with a/c on and windows up. The recirc botton is selected. The mechanic has bolted shut the valve in the blower but still outside air and smell comes in. Is there any place else that outside air comes in?

i bought a use 2005 f250 5.4l gas motor, didn't notice ticking noise from motor but when in quiet area you can hear A slight ticking noise coming from it. i do know the whole exhaust from motor to rear needs to be replace and it doesn't sound like the valve's are tapping because you don't hear it when you rev the motor up or driving down the road only when your sitting idle.
there's no lost of power or leaks or engine lights on does any body know what that ticking is???