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All other states "ready". I have performed 5 drive cycles as per recommended in the owners manual, another from the ford site, and another found on you tube as well as "just drive it some more" as the smog shop recomm...
I thought it was a fuel issue so I changed the fuel pump and filters but the same thing is happening and no check engine light is on
When it turns over will not even fire then when it does start runs normal with no power loss. Does not do this all the time
i change the altenator,power motor and battery,but still with the same problem.
I've had the truck in for service twice in the last 6 to 9 months to find the problem. Two different shops, the last a F250 diesel specialist shop. Both have told me it was the cam sensor. Today, 2 weeks after goin...
Drove for 325 miles, parked, then in 2 days started with no problem, ran for 10 minutes, went to start again and then it wont start just cranks. Checked fuses, fuel lines, fuel filter, has a full tank of fuel.
Started rough, drove fine for less than 3 miles, shut the engine off for approx 3 mins (to clean wipers in the rain) will not start back up. Cranks fine, will not start, suspect fuel pickup tube in the tank as that I ...