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my truck has a one year old transmission in it and 75,000 miles on it.
and replaced the two fuel filter and put 10 gal. of fuel still will not start tried starting fuel and it tries to start
new batteries, even plugged into a computer and only red low voltage. still wont start.
what would make a factory ford 6 disc cd play not accept any cds and shows no cd error the truck is a 2004 ford f-250 superduty 6.0 liter powerstroke diesel
also it will surge when driving at any speed and wehn at stop at times it will stop running all together. i have cleaned the egr valve and put a newe one in it before but it still does it but not all the time.
I started the truck went down the block to stop sign. When I stopped noticed that the check guage light was on and oil pressure guage needle at the bottom of guage. I accelerated from stop sighn and light went off. ...
how much to replace icp sensor-labor
The dash lights do not light up. I've checked the fuses and they still aren't working.
engine is hard at starting it wont start after you had run it for a while you need to let it cool down for 30 minutes. The oil level on the pressure on the gauge doesn't go up but then after a while of cranking the en...
My truck only blows hot air. Speeds works fine and when I put the AC on I can hear it working but, it still blows hot. The selector knob works fine as well (defrost, defrost floor, etc...) Thanks.
I have a 2004 superduty diesel and the heater only works now and then, the temp gauge is up to normal, it is within the normal coolant levels. Some times at an idle it will get warm in the cab, when you drive down the...
truck has no acceleration when cold. fine after warmup.
how to turn off check engine light. truck has two batteries
how can I turn off the check engine light. Truck has dual batteries
I just put new injectors in my 2004 f-250 and I had also unplugged the battery for sometime after I had put injectors in. I took it for a drive and when it went to shift to 3rd and 4th gear it would shift hard and th...