2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

Answered 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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The check engine light was on for about 20 minutes and it only does it when I speed up.
I have a fault cod saying misfire on # 9 cylinder, and don't want to take all of the coils and plugs out to find the bad one. Plus I have replaced 1 coil and plug already do to it ejecting from the Head.
Starts ok, shifts through 3rd gear but when I reach drive then a total lack of power going up incline. Replaced fuel filters which didn't help. Had transmission flushed and new filter which didn't help. Could my probl...
could it be a fuse how can I tell I cant tell how fast im going or how much gas is in the tank so if u can help I would appreciate it
When starting the it truck will idle ok. But barely pressing the gas pedal causes the engine to die. What could this be?
I changed the bulb and it still does not work. I can't find a fuse specific to the right side tail/trailer lights
are there any recalls on this vechile
All at about the same time my check engine came on and my truck began to lose power and mis-fire and when I pressed heavily on the throttle the truck would not respond or took some time to respond to the throttle pres...
have to use either to start it. when it starts it only running on 2 to 3 cylinders. had glow plugs checked out, there Ok. After motor reaches operating temp it will start with no problems all day,leave it over night, ...
also no change with voltage applied to ipr valve does this mean system is good, coming up with code 2290 ref. voltages good grounds good and signals are correct and still no start when hot