2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

Answered 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty Questions

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it started with the heater fan staying on at times. now the dinger stays on when the key is pulled out and the power to the radio and heater fan is still on and kills the batt..
when placing vehicle in reverse it will not move
My truck will not fire off. It just turns over and every now and then it will fire up. I have tried either in it and it still will not start. I started having problems with it just every now and then but now it has...
floorboard when applying Brakes. Cannot find anything loose?
easy at first but if i need to correct it a little et is very difficult to turn
I have a leak in the turbo down pipe and the entire thing is rusty I figure just installing a new system would be easier
need to know how to change my fuel filter and my oil filter along with what tools i will need.
I really have 2 questions, first, I keep it plugged in during the cold weather, it cranks good, won't start, batteries check good. Finally a little jump and it starts. 2nd on a small or medium incline automatic tr...
Im in Dallas and a trusted friend at Desert Diesel in Tucson AZ told me I needed a bearing kit put on the front of my truck this includes all the bearings on the front end with the hubs he has told me that it should p...
blinker won't work--unable to get inspection
Going to check oil filter adapter gasket. Thanks again.
hydralic brake booster whines real load and brake pedal is soft,need to replace brake booster.
thought my blinker relay had gone out because when i use the blinker it just buzzed. after i swited the relay it still just buzzed. i know it was the the right one cause when i felt it it vibrated and the hazards wo...