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thought my blinker relay had gone out because when i use the blinker it just buzzed. after i swited the relay it still just buzzed. i know it was the the right one cause when i felt it it vibrated and the hazards wo...
i need to switch out the blinker/flasher relay. its behind the radio and i need to take off the dash front panel. does it just have snaps? any tips or tricks to this
Took my truck to mechanic for routine maintenance and he replaced the fuel pump. After I got the truck back and filled the gas tank I noticed the fuel gauge wasn't reading correctly. It was reading but only showed 3/4...
i got a 2001 ford f250 super duty pick-up the box was getting rust so i got a 2009 f250 super duty box complete with wire harness the problem i am having is when i hit the brakes both my brake lights and back up light...
it may need to be change ,so how do you do it
Just wondering how to change the spark plugs in this truck.
My truck will start, no light, guages, push on gas and nother happens.
this is the 2nd fuel pump installed in this vehicle pump failed new filter was installed also tank clean
Truck started making noise that sounds as if you're riding on the rumble strips of the road...when you're not. Sometimes a bump will make noise go away, or a corner...no real pattern.
My engine started idling rough at stop lights. Now it has a miss (cough) when I start it up and has continued to cough when I was at speed. I pulled p0470 code. What do you think?
Discovered the problem. It was the thermostat. I think. What I was looking at believe it or not was the AC. Thanks
i have the edge programmer with monitor,it read this codes when i erase them it takes a while for them to come back,it usually does it with a big acceleration
recently change both alternators and batteries but still shows that lower alternator is in fault i have the edge programmer installed and the code reader is what it shows (code p-1106)
front end big bar stering is loose my spelling is propely wrong for that part that i thing it make my truck change lane without moving the stering
Can anyone tell me where I can see pictures of the vacuum lines on a V10 Gas rig