Motor is real sluggish and have to stop and restart the motor. The its fine for a while until it does it again. Seems like it only does when it's rainy weather

It doesn't make the noise all the time it is random and can last for a while or a little bit, speed doesn't matter either. I had the ball bearings replaced about a year ago and I am on top of everything else. Please help.

I've replaced it 3 times in 1 week

a very loud banging noise continuios

I have a 2001 ford f250 with a 5.4L V8 and every 4 months I have to pull the starter out and get it fixed. the shop tells my starter is fine put in the truck and still the same problem. the only way to start it is to cross the cyliniod on the side wall of the truck and hit the starter with a hammer then it fires right up.

it started with the heater fan staying on at times. now the dinger stays on when the key is pulled out and the power to the radio and heater fan is still on and kills the batt..

Why is Fuel flowing down from my F250 Diesel?

fuel rained down.. replaced filter..started ok..still leaked from top gasket..removed top gasket and reinstalled.."low fuel" light came on.. added fuel..engine lurched on restart..just cranks now

Two blocks from home towing my horse trailer and it appeared to not be getting fuel. Within another block it stopped running. It would turn over, had it towed to the dealer. They got it started once but immediately died. Waited about 24 hrs and now it starts and runs. They ran all of the diagnostics and nothing is amiss. One technician said there appears to be a history of this. Should I change the fuel pump or drive it a bit more to see if it repeats. Or has anyone else experienced this phenomenon and can suggest the cause? Thank you!

now it wont even start at all what could be the solution