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Hello, we bought a Ford F 250 Super Duty Powerstroke 7.3 l, 2000, while driving, if I add a lot of gas, the car starts to choke, then almost stops ride.Do you know somebody how repair this problem?maybe injectors are ...
it shuts off when raining< changed cam sensor,relay switch, resealed the windshield ,alternator,batteries. It starts back up, and will run unless its raining. then it shuts off within 15 mins, if you restart it , it w...
I own a 2000 f-250 super duty. Just bought it. Do I need to lock my hubs or does it do it automatic ?
Are there any hidden fues
After waiting 15-20 minutes truck starts, this problem is consistent, vechicle is running well. Replaced TPS no change could this be the PCM, truck has not died while running or idling.
The display in this module isn't working... It went black about a month ago and came back on very weak for a moment the other day and went back off... How do I get the module out to check it?
my ford f250 had a problem with starting and i had too fiddle with the shifter to start it i went and got that fixed and now i'm having trouble shifting into drive
correct amount 15 qt's. engine cranks but wont start.
I do have brake lights and back up lighs work. Just not running lights. I have changed all fuses and bulbs with no luck.