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Was told to check inline filter and don' find one
I do not believe its a bad alignment issue because the truck pulls to either direction while my hand is fixed on the wheel. Recently it was so bad that my steering wheel was rocking back and forth causing the vehicle ...
It died Sunday after running for 30mins pushed it out of the way cause it wouldn't start on ether 4 days later started ran no prob over and over drove around the block and it started fine used it sat to go around the ...
this problem escalated to full time power surging at which point it kills itself.
after about an hour drive today we stopped and the batteries were literally overheated you could hear the fluid rushing around in there and there's no juice no power would not start again.
frome tailpipe
It also has a thunderous sound to it as well and only when slowing down. I had a ball joint replaced on the front right a couple of months ago and the left one replaced a year ago. The vibration just started though.
I have changed the coil and the plugs out.
The front end starts humming radomly, I can swith to 2x4 on the dash and it quits. Doesnt do it all the time and it has just started in the past few days. Switch it off and its ok untill it decides to do it again. A...
My side view mirrors only have power but when I convert them to the tow side view mirrors can I get the heated mirror version?
When u going like 70 75 mph and it jumps i had it change bc had the same problem and had put on by ford does anyone knows whats wrong
Airbag light keeps flashing on the dashboard, Horn don't work, Cruise Control don't work! Is there a steering wheel harness unplugged that controls all three instruments? Fuses are not blown... HELP Please???