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When you start it up it runs fin for a min then it acts like its missing and going down the road it esatats for a second but when you punh it it takes right off. It has the 5.4v8.the kid that owned it be for me said h...
The plug has power to its right side (brake, signal, running lights) but there is no power to the left side, could this be a relay problem? I have also checked the first plug under the bed of the truck,(this is the p...
till abs light comes on change the sensor on the rear diff with new conector, ford changed the abs control modular. and it still does it. any idea's
The upper and lower ball joints are tight would the axel cause them to fail
1999 hurricane motor home v-10 triton engine speedometer quit working. Replace sensor still does not work.
When the ignition is turned I can hear a swishing sound in the fuel tank. There is no fuel passing through the line. I disconnected the fuel line before the fuel filter and still no fuel. I'm at a loss. How do I check...
Initially the shift lever seemed loose but you could still get the transmission into park. It will no longer go in park but I can manually place it in park at the transmission. I can still shift into reverse, neutral,...
no spedo or odo new factory vss no codes in normal scaner mode in continuos memory mode have po603 kam error changed ecm now have check engine light still same scanner issues n\& still no speedo/odo
Am wanting to do this myself and can not find anything to help.
gasket & I'm looking into that but does anyone have any other suggestions? I've taken off twice, recleaned everything, put it all back together, checked the bolts & everything. At a loss what to do now.
tring to rebuild column cant find drawing
How do you replace a blower motor
oil leaking from end cap have to remove air condintioning compressor to see the cap