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My truck had a small diesel leak and upon further inspection I took the radiator cap off and found that there was diesel in the radiator. Is there some water/diesel seperator that could be making this happen?
when put in reverse ihhe engine will stall once in a while and there is a pending dtc
when putting column shift into park shifter appears to be in park after shutting down engine truck starts to roll away
How do I release the lines to the filter. I have a inline fuel filter and do not know how to get the filter out!
Where is the door ajar switch/sensor
My over head console that would tell you how many miles you have left with how much fuel you have has stopped working. How do you fix it?
1999 Ford F250 Super Duty 4X4 with a V10, Was running just fine, Then I changed the Oil, Oil Air and Fule Filters I ran for 2 days after that then just stalled out when I was driving? Not running hot just like the ful...
truck was running fine, havnt got it to start since, except on ether. Lift pump good, seems like oil pressure slow coming up, but should stay running once started on ether,but wont. Have a feeling its a sensor, maybe ...
My truck has 107K mls. Took it in for "general mntnc" before road trip of 250 miles. Agreed to recommended Tranny Flush. No history of leaks, drips or problems. After flush and 250 miles lost most tranny fluid to the ...
door will not lock or unlock doors, will click but will not unlock or lock
what type and amount of fluid do i need for the manual transmission
after having 1 injector and exaust censor replaced the brake pedal presses lower than before also it bounces when pressed quickly