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the number 30 fuse keep blowing which is for the glow plug relay and the injector module drive i uhooked every thing off the new glow plug relay it steel blew that fuses then i unpluged the injetor drive module relay ...
When I turn the switch on my dash to 4 wheel drive, it will not engage. How can I test the transfer case actuator motor?
code 1280 icp sensor on recall 19999 f 250 ford superduty
I have 109000 miles on my truck and I have never had the front wheel bearing looked at. I have no problem, but would like to know if I should have them check?
how to remove a fuel pump
A/C stopped blowing through front dash vents during long drive. Cold air is now blowing out of the defrost vents. Ever heard of this issue? How to fix?
the low pressure switch has no power to it.the freon is full.is there a fuse?the air was working fine when compressor quit.I've checked all fuses but can not find one for airconditioning
my f250's speedometer recently quit working, it would start and stop for a couple of days. have changed the sensor on the rear differential, still does't work
changed fuel filter and spark plugs new gas and added gas treatment
atold thetransmission must be rebuilt
i have a 1999 truck idles and sound like a new truck but when i put into gear it wont go it seams like a vaccum or fuel dose this truck have two fuel filters
The Elect. fuel pump connector on the top access door does not have pins or tabs to remove it. How does it come apart? I do not have fuel being pumped, bad pump or voltage to it. Brad bradd67@comcast.net
where do I add freon. I'm looking for the low side pressure port.
I know that I need to add ac coolant but I think there is a leak somewhere because it doesn't get any cooler inside the cab.
i recently bought this truck. The door ajar light is on all the time, but I do not have overhead lights unless I turn them on manually. The overhead information center does not work. Some one has cut a cluster of (5) ...