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powersteering fluid squirts out from gearbox at the lid
hello to you helpful people.. i have a 1999 f-250 super duty..i recently had my a/c unit filled with freon and was wondering,,,,why the heck the clutch doesn't engage..all the fuses inside and out are good... any help...
what weight oil is to be used in a 1999 F-250 Ford 4 wheel V-8 pick up truck
The ford dealer said the 4wd ford F250 super duty with automatic transmission needed to have the torque converter replaced he says this repair is $2000.00 I have had other parts replaced by this shop and overall I am...
truck sat over winter and now wont start
my sterring box snapped in half right at the slpine how do i replace it and what tools do I need, any information on the step by step I will need would be great, or if there is a web site that i can go to that has all...
truck is missing badly after sitting for a week
front wheels are not locking in. what should i check first
My truck has check engine light on 2 codes found p0455 & p1780, drove to store today come out and put into reverse truck hesitated like as if the brakes were applied finally was able to move truck put it into drive an...
How do you replace a blower motor
where are the o2 sensors located and are there any special tools required to replace them?
transmission seems to be leaking fluid out of the inspection plate at random times
My automatic transmission leaks out of the inspection cover at random .
Starter will engage while I'm at idle in park. The starter also will engage on it own without the keys in the ignition. What is causing this?