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What is the price for a hydraulic system repair. What does it mean when when the light stays on. Please only honest answers. Iv'e already been taken for 700.00. I am disabled and can't afford these rip offs. Please h...
Replaced hubs and half shafts at same time they where sheared gone. But when I replaced it I still got this grinding sound up front and 4x4 you can hear it lock in but no out put up front front tires aren't getting an...
I've checked all the fuses that are colored.
Running rough and engine trans fault wrench and flashing overdrive light
when i am driving down the road around 50 or 60 mph the motor rev's up about 5 or 10 thousand rpm's and then go's back down. it will do this just around that speed for some reason. and i can't figure it out
We have some prices but they seem all over the place... why is that?