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have replace all spark plugs and coils.problem started after power washing.have check all coils at idle by unplugging connection to coil one at a time all make engine run rough when unpluged
Code: cylinder misfires at random, why? 1.) Fuel filter has been changed. 2.) New Spark Plugs (properly gaged) and new wires. 3.) New air filter, oil filter and oil change. 4.) Replaced both ignition coils. ...
It doesn't do it all the time, just every once in a while. it will jerk a couple of times when I accelerate from going a steady speed, then smooth out and run fine.
I have new plugs and boots, I did not change coils. I bought a new coil for that cylinder, but the jerky misfire is still there
Clogged fuel injector. How do i repair?
A month ago i had what seemed like the same misfire which gets worse over a week then it falls on its face. i have a scanner and graphed it live. last time i took the egr off and cleaned it and the throttle body off a...
LOUD on rough pavement
how to fix code p0172 on 2007 f150 with 5.4 v8
After driving at highway speed and coming to a red light, stop and go traffic or any slower speed action. Engine will shutter and shake like it's not getting enough air or fuel, rpm stays the same and if you shift to ...
Idle is not right and recommended factory reset in owners Manual will not work
i have a 2007 ford f150 with a v6 last week at about 630pm my left blinker stopped working...it would go solid but it wouldn't blink. and when i went to turn on cruise control it wouldn't turn on. the right blinker...
When i get up around 55 mph my truck has a shake in the front end until the engine warms up and it seems like it misses at that speed until the engine warms up.
Had it charged, Belts good. Ingages when turned on, but only blows hot air 100 degrees in Nebraska Need help!!!!