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it isn't the battery. the battery is good. when I put the key in and try to turn over in cold weather it does nothing. I usually have to wait for it to warm up for it to turn over. I have never heard of this proble...
Still happening. Ford says engine harness is rubbing through wires? Just purchased 1wk ago with 90,000 mi.
bottom part of the driver seat will not raise or lower in 2005 f-150 lariat
I had the timing componrts replaced chain, tensioners, cam phazers and oil pump. The problem is its like a dry start. Which it did not do this before the work was done. Thanks Ed
The bumper is rusting and its a lariat so the tan finish can either sanded and repainted or a completely new assembly could be installed. Would it be easier to replace with factory painted or just have a shop repaint...