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I replaced the wheel hub bearings and 4wd actuator and it still is grinding and it starts about 25 mph have no idea need some help
fuel sys1 closed loop, load-pct 34.5, ect 188.8 f , shrtft #1 -3.1 -0.0, longtft#1-3.1, #2 4.7 #2 18.0 , map 5.5 ,rpm 650 , spadv 8.5 -13.5 ,iat 68 f ,maf 0.01 ,tp 13.7 , o2b1s1 0.075 -0.785 ,o2b1s2 0.045 ,o2b2s2 0...
Occasionally the engine will miss or hesitate suddenly. It will also shudder or die completely upon deceleration to a near stop. It'll start back up immediately.
I had brake work done on my 2005 Ford F150. The caliper and rotors along with the brake pads were changed. After receiving my vehicle back my brake pedal was extremely hard and the vehicle was hard to stop. I then had...
I only have a problem when I put my ford f150 in drive, I can get to 25 mph then it acts like its in neutral if I let the gas I can feel I want to take off, I just cant get above 25 - 30 mph. If I rev the motor it ac...
the truck recently had work done on the timing chains . its a interference motor , but could the timing be off a tooth? one bank is advanced the other retarded. changed out one cam phazer
Replace rear differential bearings
Need engine remove rebuilt or remanufactured an installed what the best warranty offered with the repair
I changed out all coil packs and the truck did fine for 3 days. Now it's back to missing at 48 Mph, and it's only at 48 Thanks for your input JC
I replaced my pcv valve, spark plugs changed recently, cleaned the maf sensor and new air filter. Still says system too lean after I reset the computer. Now my rpms act up when idle and feels like I'm losing power. Rp...