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When you turn on the 4x4 it stops. when you excelerate it gets louder
no drive i turned truck off wont start no fluids off or dirty but no running gears like inbetween
Happened while driving on the highway about 70 mph
check engine lights on. how may fix this problem. engine 4.2L V6. thanks
I've had Oxygen sensors changed, fuel pump changed, fuel injection cleaning service done. Full engine diagnostic done, but can't find the problem. Drives better with overdrive off, but wont go over 3000 rpm still.
I have rotated tires and when brakes applied still have noise also put in neutral and still noise but when making a left turn at any speed noise goes away and it seems to go away at 60 or above could this be wheel bea...
when you push the up button for the passenger side window, you can see the window moving up but when you try to go down nothing works you can not even feel or hear the motor trying to run, but you do hear and feel the...
I have a whistle noise at 1750 rpms while driving i cold weather. Goes away when decelerating. Cannot hear in warm weather