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Was low on gas started engine and it started to shake badly, put gas in and it continued. Now engine light is on...
Brake lights, blinkers and reverse lights all work fine. We have tested all the fuses and they are also good. What else should I be looking for>
It was running rough, but a tune up fixed the issues. I've checked all the usual suspects...fuel pressure, hoses. Can't find the issue at all. Any ideas?
knocked out rear oil slinger seal got new seal but only got one big one .do I need both seals or is this an upgrade?
My truck, the f150 is giving me problems. Last thursday it wouldn't turn on. So i got someone to jump start it. It worked. So when i got home that day I switch the ford expedition battery to the f150 till I buy a...
while driving,giving gas it is bogging down and missing, get's a little better and does it again. have had it in the shop with no luck, just cost a lot of money.
Does anyone know why this fuse would keep blowing out.
it doesn't leak anyway! recently have replace camshaft sensors(2) also it seems like the front left brake or maybe wheel bearing problems exist also. when the cam position sensors were replace the mechanic indicated ...
When making turns it is definitely harder to turn wheel than it used to be.
My battery went dead, I changed it now my check engine light comes out after a few days of driving ,when truck turns off as if no gas tried using different diagnostic machines, seams as if it's not connected,won't rea...
replaced radio with one that has CD and tape player and AM/FM. CD will not work. All else works.Is there a code that must be entered?? Tried to clean with pressured air cylinder, did not help. It is orig. Ford unit