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It stutters when u accelerate and there's gas in the pressure feed back sensor when take off the vaccum lines
POWER STEARING GEar box leak,tryed replacing gaskets,didnt work from pitman arm ,trying to replace gearbox
2001 ford F150 4.2L 3 weeks ago, truck had no spark, minimal fuel pressure. would crank over. does not start on ether, battery was tested, fuel pump does initiate. it was below 10deg. when this happened. it was to...
I've got a 2001 Ford f150, 5.4L V8. I seem to have an intermittent problem getting the engine started. For a month or so it seems to take a little longer to start. Today, when I tried to start it, it would sometimes t...
There is a gurgling sound coming from the heater core area. Prior to replacement there was no restricter in the supply line with no noise. The restricter was installed and there is gurgling noise. Is this related ...
i changed the fuel filter, fuel pump, cleaned the injectors. but the prob still exists. before replacing all the above i ran out of fuel. that is when the problems started.
i need to pass the smog test what i need to fix
my truck was hesitating and running rough. service engine light came on. code said mis fire on number 3. replaced the coil over plug. ran ok for a little while. its doing the same thing again. how do I replace just on...
Its on the bottom of the motor.
This problem is intermittent. Happens most when it's been running for a while. Doesn't shift rough, just seems slow to change gears. Checked fluid according to owners manual, when truck was warm and running.