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very small amount of heat till blower is turned on or you start driving. If you put Blend door to cold it gets extremely cold so it is working.
It leak water and oil
new fuel filter, plugs, cleaned MAF, cleaned IAC, no vaccume leaks found, New Air Filter. When if runs good it purrs perfectly. When it runs badly it idles up & down Fast and Cuts out on acceleration. Warning light i...
We are trying to find a transmission for it. Under the 8 Cyl, 330 cid (5.4L) They list 2 different TRANS. ID 1L3P-JA AND A ID YL3P-LA I HAVE THE 1L 3p JA. Can't seem to find 1. I did however find a YL3P-LA. What is...
About 2 months ago i had a used trany put in my truck,it had 90,000 miles on it.Just recently i tried to put it in reverse and there was nothing there, just like it was in Nuetral.I shut off my truck and 2 hrs later i...
still doesnt work i then put a multi meter to clips and wires that go to my ignition coil and no power was going to them at all any suggestions?what would happen if my ignition relay gave out?
neither does the temp knob or fan knob. All other lites on the dash work. Is this a fuse? If so which one and where is the box located, dash or hood?